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At the Washington Center for Muscle Biology (WCMB), scientists seek new treatments for muscle disease, help Washington biotechnology leaders translate research discoveries into life-changing remedies and prepare future scientists to continue the quest.

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Green glowing cardiac stem cells!  This video of a newborn Jekyll mouse heart was generated by Dr. Melissa Jackson using confocal microscopy. This technique takes “digital slices” of the heart and then stacks these slices into a 3D image.


The cardiac stem cells are stained green due to the production of a fluorescent protein only produced in adult stem cells.  These cells help hearts grow and can even be used to repair damaged hearts.  Check out the Rodgers laboratory to learn how these studies are helping to develop cell therapeutics for heart failure and muscle degenerative diseases.

WSU opens new Veterinary Medical Research Building


Thanks to our sponsors.

The generosity of private individuals, corporations and foundations provides the fuel for new discoveries. Their support is a necessity in today’s funding climate and is greatly appreciated.  The WCMB is currently supported by a grant from the Muscular Dystrophy Association and our researchers are funded from a variety of sources.  If you would like to support the WCMB or partner with our scientists, please contact the director or visit our I WANT TO GIVE page.

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Grants & Events

Muscular Dystrophy Association Development Grant; for PhD, MD or DSc w/ 18+ months post-degree research experience, LoI due 15 Dec 2013, full proposal due 15 Jan 2014.

Onsite Tools and Technologies for Heart, Lung, and Blood Clinical Research Point-of-Care SBIR (R43/R44), LoI due 15 Sept, full proposal due 15 Oct

Muscular Dystrophy Association Research Grant, LoI due 15 Dec, full proposal due 15 Jan, 2014

Function of Skeletal Muscle Beyond Contraction (R21), due 16 Oct

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards for Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships in Muscular Dystrophy Research (F32), standard NIH due dates apply (see below)

Click here for a list of standard NIH funding due dates.

The WCMB now has funding for Faculty Exchange seminars.  Contact Dr. Rodgers for speaker requests and check back soon for a list of upcoming seminars.

Washington Center for Muscle Biology, ASLB 124, Department of Animal Sciences, Pullman WA 99164, 509-335-2991, Contact Us
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