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WCMB researchers span many areas of specialization, as well as multiple locations and affiliations. Click on the table headings to sort the information. Click on names to go to their respective homepages.

A-Z Researcher Names Research Interests Location-Department
Adams, Marvin cellular physiology UW-Physiology & Biophysics
Ahmed, Salah-uddin cellular physiology/pharmacology WSUPharmaceutical Sciences
Banks, Glen gene therapy UW-Neurology
Benditt, Joshua exercise physiology/pulmonologist UW-Rehabilitation
Bird, Thomas genetics/muscle myopathies UW-Neurology
Bowen-Pope, Daniel vascular physiology UW-Pathology
Burke, Wylie bioethics UW-Medical History
Busboom, Jan meat science WSU-Animal Sciences
Campbell, Ken cardiac physiology/heart failure WSU-Integrative Physiology & Neuroscience
Catena, Robert biomechanics WSU-Kinesiology
Carter, Gregory exercise physiology/rehabilitation UW-Rehabilitation
Chamberlain, Jeff muscle development/gene therapy UW-Neurology
Chamberlain, Joel genetics/muscle myopathies UW-Medicine
Chance, Phil genetics UW-Neurology/Pediatrics
Chandra, Murali biophysics WSU-Integrative Physiology & Neuroscience
Childers, Martin “Casey” muscle development/rehabilitation UW-Rehabilitation
Chin, Michael muscle development UW-Medicine
Conley, Kevin biomechanics/biophysics UW-Radiology
Connolly, Chris exercise physiology WSU-Kinesiology
Cooper, Jim muscle development WSU-Biological Sciences
Daniel, Tom biomechanics UW-Biological Sciences
Dichek, David gene therapy/heart failure UW-Medicine
Dodson, Mike meat science WSU-Animal Sciences
Dong, Wen-Ji biophysics WSU-Voiland Bioengineering
Doumit, Matt meat science/muscle development UI-Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Du, Min muscle development WSU-Animal Sciences
Filippova, Galina genetics Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Froehner, Stan cellular physiology UW-Physiology & Biophysics
Gospe, Sidney genetics/muscle myopathies UW-Neurology/Pediatrics
Hauschka, Steve muscle development UW-Biochemistry
Hays, Ross exercise physiology/muscle rehabilitation UW-Pediatrics
Kang, Chulhee biophysics WSU-Chemistry/Molecular Biosciences
Kennedy, Brian cellular physiology UW-Biochemistry
Kim, Deok-Ho bioengineering/regeneration UW-Bioengineering
Kostyukova, Alla biophysics WSU-Voiland Bioengineering
Kraft, George exercise physiology/rehabilitation UW-Rehabilitation
Kushmerick, Martin biomechanics UW-Radiology
La Spada, Albert cellular physiology/gene therapy UW-Neurology
Lee, Pamela heart failure WSU-Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Lewin, Mark echocardiology/heart failure UW-Pediatrics
Lieber, Andre muscle development/gene therapy UW-Medicine
Lin, David biomechanics WSU-Voiland Bioengineering
Liu, Chris cellular physiology/heart failure UW-Physiology & Biophysics
MacLellan, Robb muscle development/regeneration UW-Cardiology
Marcinek, David cellular physiology UW-Radiology/Bioengineering
Marsh, Sue exercise physiology/cardiology WSU-Clinical Pharmacology
McGowan, Craig biomechanics UI-Biological Sciences
Miller, Daniel genetics UW-Pediatrics
Miller, Dusty muscle development/gene therapy Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Murdoch, Gordon muscle development UI-Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Murry, Chuck muscle development/regeneration UW-Pathology
Nelson, Lynne echocardiology/heart failure WSU-Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Olson, Jim bioengineering/gene therapy Presage Biosciences, Inc.
Pate, Edward biophysics/modeling WSU-Voiland Bioengineering
Paul, David exercise physiology UI-Health & Physical Education
Pearlman, Robert bioethics UW-Medicine
Potter, Nancy biomechanics/speech therapy WSU-Speech & Hearing Sciences
Ratner, Buddy bioengineering UW-Bioengineering
Regnier, Mike biomechanics UW-Bioengineering
Rodgers, Dan muscle development/gene therapy WSU-Animal Sciences/Mol Bio
Russell, David gene therapy UW-Medicine
Santana, Fernando biophysics UW-Physiology & Biophysics
Scott, Ron genetics UW-Pediatrics
Schwartz, Steve vascular physiology UW-Pathology
Shaw, Dennis muscle imaging/spectroscopy UW-Radiology
Shelden, Eric muscle development WSU-Molecular Biosciences
Slinker, Bryan cardiac physiology/heart failure WSU-Integrative Physiology & Neuroscience
Storb, Rainer stem cell/transplant surgery UW-Medicine
Tanner, Bert biophysics/modeling WSU-Integrative Physiology & Neuroscience
Tapscott, Stephen muscle development Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Trask, Barbara genetics UW-Genome Sciences
Trobridge, Grant gene therapy WSU-Pharmacy
Mark VanDam biomechanics/speech therapy WSU-Speech & Hearing Sciences
Vasavada, Anita biomechanics WSU-Voiland Bioengineering
Vella, Chantal exercise physiology UI-Health & Physical Education
Zejing Wang muscle development Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Weiss, Michael cellular physiology UW-Neurology
Yablonka-Reuveni, Zipora muscle development UW-Biological Structure
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