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Faces of Discovery

Graduate students are the primary workforce for most biomedical research laboratories and those of the WCMB are no exception.  Earning a graduate degree in a WCMB laboratory introduces students to cutting edge technologies and world-renowned scientists.  It also exposes them to basic and clinical sciences and thus, to the importance of a translational approach.

The WCMB is not a degree-granting institution, rather, it is a collection of member scientists who belong to many different academic units.  Thus, students can explore their interests in muscle biology from a basic science, clinical or even an agricultural perspective.  For more information on the research interests and academic units of WCMB member scientists, please visit the Researchers page.  For more information on graduate student programs at WCMB participating institutions as well as resources available for WCMB trainees, please visit the Graduate Education page.

If you are interested in supporting the WCMB Student Fellowship fund, which is an investment in future successes, discoveries and treatments, please visit the I Want to Give page.  If you’re a prospective student or even if you’re just curious about our programs, please send us a message.  We want to hear from you!

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