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I Want to Give!

We need your help. Not just the scientists and students who make the discoveries or the clinicians in the trenches, but more importantly, the patients who rely on our successes.  Current funding for biomedical research is at a historic low, possibly at crises levels.  This has real-world implications as no funding means no discoveries and in turn, no new treatments.

The Washington Center for Muscle Biology (WCMB) is built upon a novel funding model that relies upon individual and corporate support rather than state or federal financing.  Supporting the WCMB and its scientists, therefore, provides a rare opportunity for direct public investment into scientific discovery.  100% of your gift will support the scientists and their experiments. It will also help facilitate the transition of “bench-to-bed” technologies that save lives.

If you are interested in joining the team, please click on the links below to support one of the available funds.  Alternatively, please contact the WCMB Director, Dr. Dan Rodgers (509-335-2991) to customize your gift.

Endowed Chair in Muscular Dystrophy Research
Supporting this fund will help attract another world class muscle biologist to an already very strong cadre of muscular dystrophy researchers.  The endowed chair will direct a highly successful and translational research program in one of the most dynamic and potentially rewarding fields of muscular dystrophy research: gene or stem cell therapeutics.

Endowed Chair in Heart Failure Research
In the United States, heart failure accounts for over 800,000 deaths, … every year!  Supporting this fund will help recruit another renowned biomedical researcher to help lead an accomplished group of cardiologists and cardiac muscle biophysicists in the development of novel heart failure therapeutics.

WCMB Student Fellowships
Investing in student training is an investment in future discoveries. Hands-on laboratory training of graduate and undergraduate students strengthens our medical schools and research programs and provides a legacy for future advances in the field.

… or simply write a check

You can also support the Center by writing a check to the WSU Foundation, noting the Washington Center for Muscle Biology on the memo line, and mailing it to: Dr. Dan Rodgers, WCMB Director, 135 VBR/PO Box 647620, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-7620.  Dr. Rodgers will then contact you directly to verify that it was received.

Washington Center for Muscle Biology, ASLB 124, Department of Animal Sciences, Pullman WA 99164, 509-335-2991, Contact Us
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