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Scientist Membership

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As a member scientist or trainee of the Washington Center for Muscle Biology (WCMB), you conduct research that holds the promise of improving lives worldwide. WCMB scientists include world-renowned scholars, talented young faculty, post-doctoral fellows and top graduate students—all collaborating toward common goals: finding new treatments for muscular dystrophy, heart failure and other muscle-related diseases.

The WCMB coordinates and funds an annual meeting as well as “Faculty Exchange Seminars” where academic and industry scientists travel to our different campuses and share their research.  In addition, the WCMB helps new faculty establish research independence by facilitating peer pre-reviews of grant applications.  The goal is to establish Washington state as a global leader in muscle biology and muscle disease research by building collaborations and improving grantsmanship.

Apply for membership

Candidates for scientist/trainee membership are primarily faculty, post-doctoral fellows or graduate students at a university or college in the state of Washington or in a neighboring state.  Scientists from outside the region, even from other countries, who collaborate with WCMB members are also welcome to apply and can take advantage of the center’s many resources and services.

To apply, simply provide the information requested below and you will be contacted shortly thereafter.  Faculty applicants are encouraged to include a NIH biosketch, which helps WCMB staff track member interests and, more importantly, to build collaborations among WCMB members.

Current WCMB member scientists

Find fellow scientists by name, location or area of specialization.

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