About the WCMB

Leading the way in muscle disease research

The Washington Center for Muscle Biology (WCMB) unites top minds in muscle disease research from throughout the state of Washington, creating one of the world’s foremost teams of experts. Its goals are to:

  1. enhance basic and translational research
  2. strengthen graduate student training
  3. improve technology transfer between academia and industry

Top researchers, important discoveries

Muscle biologists at Washington State University, the University of Washington, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Idaho collaborate seamlessly, exchanging ideas and information, building the foundation for important discoveries, and ultimately, transferring technology to Washington’s thriving biotech sector. Their work develops new treatments that benefit patients suffering from muscular dystrophy, heart failure, and other muscle diseases.
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Programs to prepare tomorrow’s scientists

The WCMB offers outstanding opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to engage in studies with nationally and internationally recognized scholars.  Several training opportunities currently exist and include established curricula that focus graduate education on muscle biology and pathobiology.
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Partnerships that advance Washington’s prosperity

By fostering technology transfer with Washington biotechnology firms, the WCMB bolsters the state’s economy as it develops new medical treatments for those in need.  Several of our academic and industry scientists are currently collaborating and, together, are developing intellectual property for the biomedical market.  In fact, our academic scientists are eager to work with industry and would love to hear from potential industry collaborators in or outside the state.  Opportunities are excellent as our universities can provide access to basic and clinical resources in medical and veterinary medical schools.
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Facilities across the state

WCMB laboratories at Washington State University and the University of Washington house state-of-the-art equipment and resources essential for research and graduate student training. These include resources for vector construction, exercise phenotyping, microscopy, assay development and diagnostics.
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