The Washington Center for Muscle Biology (WCMB) has already been approved by the Washington State University (WSU) Faculty Senate and is fully functional.  Approval of center status is currently in development at the University of Washington (UW).  The description of center administration below, therefore, reflects WSU regulations and is subject to change.


A director and associate director manage all WCMB activities with help from an administrative assistant.  WCMB members elect directors and associate directors for a period of 4 years with the directorship alternating between WSU and UW after each election.  Directors report to their respective university’s vice-president of research, who administers the Vice-President’s Advisory Committee (VPAC) composed of 4-6 deans from both universities.  There are no limits to the number or sequence of terms that particular faculty can serve as either director or associate director and in the event that mid-term vacancies arise, the vice-president will appoint a replacement, on advice from the VPAC, for the remainder of the term.  The director and associate director will also appoint 4 WCMB members from their respective universities (8 total) to serve on the Center Advisory Committee (CAC).  The purpose of the CAC is to advise all administrative personnel including the director, associate director and the vice-president of research and if requested, the PAC.

Oversight & Evaluation

Annual progress reports will be submitted to the WSU and UW vice-presidents of research and their respective VPACs and will include the following: (1) summary of annual membership changes and a complete membership directory, (2) summary, number and funding status of collaborative grants (training & program project) and mentored grants (pre-reviewed for junior faculty) submitted by WCMB members, (3) bibliography of collaborative publications (only those with multiple Senior members), (4) summary of CAC activities, (5) summary of Faculty Exchange seminars (names, dates, locations, titles & abstracts), (6) summary of annual meeting and abstract book and when applicable, (7) progress report of graduate training program as stipulated by IGERT or program guidelines.  Every five to seven years (according to institution requirements), the WCMB will also be reviewed by the WSU and UW Research and Arts Committees (or equivalent) as determined by the vice-presidents of research unless more frequent reviews are requested.  The committees will then make recommendations to the vice-presidents on whether operation of the WCMB should be continued, continued with exception (as stipulated by the committee) or discontinued.